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Organic Black rice is also called Purple rice or uncooked rice, emperor rice and also called wild rice. This is glutinous rice (sticky rice) with a purple color. The scientific name for black rice is a type of Oryza stative with a high amount of healthy foods and antioxidants.

The word forbidden rice has a history behind it when this black rice was kept only by the Chinese emperor for his good health and banned from anyone. Thus, this rice was named forbidden rice.

The color of the rice is due to an antioxidant pigment called anthocyanins. Black rice is made as a result of mutations or white genes that lead to dark brown rice. Continue reading prices and find out more about the benefits of black rice with pictures of organic

Organic black rice and black rice varieties.

Is Organic Black Rice Healthy?

Any white food is a loaded carbohydrate that acts as a calorie bomb. For those who want to stay away from calorie-rated foods, then choose healthy low-calorie foods. Such healthy gluten-rich foods but rich in iron and vitamins black rice or uncooked rice.

Calories in Organic black rice are low and the amount of antioxidants is high along with other essential vitamins and minerals making this grain very healthy rice. Forbidden rice with benefits and side effects are not the same, the benefits come out beating the negative effects that make this healthy Asian rice.

Top Organic Black Rice Health Benefits:

Here we have listed the top 12 health benefits of organic black rice. Let’s take a look.

1. Rich in Antioxidants:

A nutritious and healthy way to eat whole grains is to choose unprocessed rice with high fiber. In that list, black Asian rice raises the chart. As this rice is loaded not only with iron, fiber and protein content but also with the best antioxidant element called Anthocyanin.

This Phytonutrient makes the outer skin of the grain look black with a hue of purple to black, an indicator of antioxidant factor. Anthocyanin content is higher than black rice compared to other types of rice such as rice, brown rice or cereals. To prevent heart disease, free radical elimination is a key component of black rice with antioxidants.

2. Preventing Risk of Diabetes:

Diabetes is a common disease that affects all households. This is due to eating habits and lifestyle. Establishing a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right foods is important to prevent the tendency to develop what is called diabetes. Using low-carbohydrate-laden rice is important to lower the body’s sugar absorption rate. This helps maintain a stable blood sugar level and prevents the risk of diabetes.

3. Prevent Cancer:

Black grains loaded with the best antioxidant properties are found in other fruits such as green berries, blackberries, acai. Using one cup of rice that is not allowed every day helps to remove free radicals from the body and protect the main arteries, preventing DNA damage due to cellular mutations. Anthocyanin in black rice provides essential vitamins and minerals for healthy living and reduces the risk of cancer cell growth and reduces the rapid transformation of cancer cells. Black rice protects the arteries by reducing the formation of plaque on the arterial wall due to increased cholesterol levels.

4. Organic Black Rice for Weight Loss:

Are you preparing a weight loss diet plan? Then why not choose a healthy way to get rid of that extra fat. Add organic black rice as a staple instead of white rice and feel the changes caused by black rice in the loss of easily absorbed fat. Start eating organic black rice by making organic black rice powder and enjoy the short benefits of organic black rice. The weight loss provided by this rice is due to the rich fiber content of rice which makes you feel full for a long time after lunch or dinner, this is due to the low absorption rate of carbohydrates and low blood sugar absorption that prevents you. feeling very fast.

5. Improves Digestion:

Digestion is an important part of everyone’s ability to live a healthy, stress-free life. To do so, it is important to eat fiber-rich foods, while fiber helps to strengthen digestion, increase nutrition, prevent constipation, loose stools, constipation and digestive problems. The dietary restriction of rice is that it is a fiber-rich in fiber, consuming one meal a day with resources in the peristaltic flow of the digestive tract. Thus digestion is enhanced and improved in creating a balanced environment for bacterial flora. Grease the rice well and prepare a simple black rice recipe at home and enjoy with your family to live a healthier life.

6. Protect Heart Health:

Good cardiovascular function is important to eat a simple diet that is low in fat and salt and sugar products. For a person at risk for heart disease, it is best to avoid foods high in carbohydrates, as high-carbohydrate foods increase blood sugar levels easily, as well as high fat. Try this Chinese black rice which is the best fiber-rich rice like brown rice, wild rice like whole grain rice. Organic Black rice has a higher fiber content compared to whole grain rice. Eat black rice protein and have a healthy heart.

7. Detoxifies The Body:

In this fast-food world, we all lack essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients regularly. Changing the concept, many organic recipes, as well as simple ones, have been brought to human knowledge through healthy eating ingredients. Another such healthy food is organic black rice. Do you think black rice is healthier than white rice? Yes, black rice is good for its low fat, gluten-free diet and essential nutrients needed to detoxify the body. Detoxification is important to reduce the stress levels of organs responsible for eliminating toxins from the body. The kidneys and liver are the two main organs responsible for keeping the body free of toxins and black rice helps to reduce toxins significantly.

8. Preventing Risk of Obesity:

Obesity is a hot topic worldwide, this is due to the availability of fast food compared to healthy foods. Obesity has now led to an increased risk of diabetes, metabolic syndromes, and other insulin resistance as well as to poor cardiovascular health. It is therefore important to eat foods that are low in carbohydrates, low in sugar and low in salt foods. Replace white rice with grains rich in high fiber such as black Organic black rice or uncooked rice. Organic black rice benefits from helping to reduce hunger and excessive consumption of food due to its high fiber and nutrient content. High fiber metabolism in the blood is low compared to commonly found white rice.

9. Good for The Eyes:

Beautiful eyes are strong and free of stress is what everyone is aiming for. To have strong eyes, it is important to eat healthy and nutritious foods rather than just eat them easily to make junk food. organic Black rice or the forbidden benefits of rice is one of the best foods to keep the eyes beautiful since black rice has the power to prevent eye strain. The antioxidant of black rice alleviates some of the degenerative eye problems commonly associated with cataracts, blurred vision, and macular degenerative problems. Eat a rich antioxidant “Anthocyanin” and have a healthy eye.

10. Naturally Gluten-free Grain:

Black rice is subdivided into gluten-free rice like other cereal rice. Gluten intolerance is now a common problem in many parts of the world. Gluten sensitivity problem has similar symptoms seen in celiac disease including constipation, constipation, and diarrhea.

The benefits of eating black rice are that the symptoms caused by eating gluten-rich foods such as wholemeal flour (Maida), wheat, barley, etc. they are avoided. Prepare a gluten-free diet for dinner with Asian black rice and other vegetables and eliminate any symptoms and gluten-related problems.

11. Organic Black Rice Benefits for Skin:

Strong glossy skin is what everyone wants, but how to have it and how to maintain glossy skin is a big question for everyone in mind. simple, healthy balance you should look for in order to have and maintain good healthy skin. Another healthy food that can give you an essential gloss is to eat an Asian package that promotes Black rice or to use black rice water on the skin.

Black rice is a natural antioxidant, as well as Vitamin E, loaded ingredients. Vitamin -E is a known substance that is responsible for strengthening the skin and improving the skin so that it stays healthy and shiny. Eating a cup of black rice nourishes the body with all the vitamins it needs to have healthy skin.

12. Organic Back Rice Benefits for Hair:

The use of Chinese black rice to load all the essential vitamins and anti-oxidant properties. In China, it is customary to wash the hair with boiling water of black rice. In this way, skin and hair are nourished with essential nutrients. Mixing black rice water with aloe vera gel can prevent hair loss. After exposing your hair to the harsh sun and dust, wash your hair with Vitamin B, and E extracted from black rice. Enhance your hair growth by using black rice water and direct diets such as daily servings and fresh vegetables.

How to Cook Organic Black Rice

Black rice comes from the same plant family as other colored rice and includes several varieties, such as Indonesian black rice and black Thai jasmine rice. Different varieties of black rice include almost the same health benefits and all have a softer, more nutritious taste than the most common brown rice. Since it is not refined and dense compared to white rice, black rice will take longer to obtain. cook.

The best results can be obtained by soaking your black rice first about an hour before cooking, but for several hours. If you can plan ahead and soak your rice, you will reduce the amount. the cooking time required and in addition make the nutrients inside the rice absorb.

After soaking your rice, wash the rice clean and place it on the stove with two cups of water in one cup of rice. Boil the rice for about half an hour in case you soak the rice, and one hour if you have not.Check the texture of the rice after this time to see if it chews and cooks; if not, keep boiling until it gets to your way.


Eating organic rice offers additional health benefits. When compared with conventionally grown food crops, organic foods contain no pesticides and food additives, minimizing your exposure to harmful chemicals. Whole grain rice includes the outer husk of the rice and retains the maximum fiber content.

In addition to the potential health benefits of organic rice products, many businesses and consumers choose organically grown foods, including organic brown rice, for environmental reasons. Organic farming practices benefit the environment by reducing agricultural chemicals, conserving water, and reducing carbon footprint.


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