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Bamboo toothbrushes are exactly what they sound like. They are toothbrushes that have handles that are made out of an all-natural, biodegradable material known as bamboo and bristles that BPA free and are made out of nylon or nylon4.


The most widely known and popular advantage, a bamboo-based toothbrush eliminates unnecessary waste while giving you the same quality of cleaning that a plastic brush can offer. With both the packaging and tossing of your toothbrush, recycling, reusing, or composting has never been easier. We recommend changing your toothbrush every one to three months for optimum care. With a biodegradable toothbrush, you can feel better about reaching for that new brush.

Another advantage of bamboo is that it is naturally antimicrobial. There’s a reason cutting boards and kitchen utensils are made out of wood and bamboo. Unlike plastic, properties inside the bamboo kill bacteria that penetrate its surface, providing long-lasting protection against harmful bacteria.

1. Better for the environment 

This is the most obvious benefit but let’s show some facts behind this. 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are purchased around the world annually, over 99% of those are plastic toothbrushes, 1 billion in the USA alone are thrown into landfills each year and for those plastic toothbrushes that go to landfills or in our oceans, they will take over 450years to decompose.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice the immediate benefit when your bamboo toothbrush or organic toothbrush can be put in compost and will decompose back into the earth within 4-6months.

2. Oral Hygiene

There is science behind why chopping boards and kitchen utensils are made from wood and bamboo. The natural properties of the woodwork are anti-microbial so they break down and kill bacteria. 

4. Whitens your teeth

Looking at the companies that have Charcoal infused activated bristled bamboo toothbrushes, there are a number of studies that explain how charcoal is used as a stain remover to clean and whiten your teeth. There are a lot of negative opinions from the general public and professionals in regards to Charcoal Powder, which seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment and has been said to be too coarse and rough on teeth. Charcoal Infused activated bristles are a gentle approach to whitening as they softly remove stains from the surface of your teeth.

5. Encourage more sustainable living

“It’s only a toothbrush, how can you change the world with just that”, say numerous people, and yes it is only a toothbrush but thinks of this… If you start and end your day in a sustainable way this might encourage you to make other small changes in your life in becoming increasingly sustainable.

Why are People Ditching the Plastic Toothbrush for Bamboo Toothbrushes?

The biggest reason bamboo toothbrushes are becoming so popular is that they are environmentally friendly.

It is estimated that it could take 50, 60, or even 100 years for a plastic toothbrush to be broken down once it is tossed into the garbage. While that doesn’t sound like such a big deal when the item is so small, it is when you combine it with the millions of other plastic toothbrushes that are thrown out every year and all the other plastic materials that take just as long to break down that leads to landfills that are overflowing with materials that can’t go anywhere. Luckily, bamboo toothbrushes break down faster.

By using biodegradable materials, a bamboo toothbrush can be used then discarded without fear that it will take up room in the landfill. The bamboo material quickly breaks down in a matter of months.

Other Reasons Why People are Switching to Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo is antimicrobial so there is no fear of harmful bacteria will start to grow and spread on the handle of your toothbrush.

Bamboo toothbrushes can be easily tossed into the compost pile for people who choose to compost

Depending on the manufacturer, the entire toothbrush from the bristles to the handle is easily biodegradable which means nothing is left behind to pollute the planet

Bamboo toothbrushes are just as effective at cleaning your teeth

Bamboo toothbrushes have a very sleek, modern look that allows them to easily blend in with your bathroom’s surrounding decor

Bamboo toothbrushes can be customized which makes them a great marketing tool for dentists

Using and Caring for a Bamboo Toothbrush:

You can use a toothbrush with a bamboo handle the same way you would use a plastic toothbrush and should keep the same considerations in mind. Pay close attention to the size of the head, the shape of the handle, and the type of bristles. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a brush with soft bristles and with a brush head that fits comfortably in your mouth. The handle should be easy to hold.

It’s a good idea to replace bamboo toothbrushes as often as you would any other type of toothbrush. The Indian Dental Association suggests changing your toothbrush every three months or when the bristles start to flare, whichever comes first. If your bristles flare much sooner than every three months, you may be brushing too hard. Swapping your old toothbrush for a new one will help keep your teeth as clean as possible.

If you have questions about switching to a bamboo toothbrush, talk to your dentist. They can help you choose the toothbrush that’s best for you and make other recommendations that will keep your mouth healthy while looking out for the planet.

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