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Orgalife Showcases Organic Products at Startup Mahakumbh 4.0 in New Delhi


"Startup Mahakumbh 4.0 - IndiaFirst Startup Expo & Conclave" is the ultimate gathering for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. This dynamic event catalyzes collaboration, fosters innovation, and accelerates growth in the startup ecosystem. With insightful panels, workshops, and networking opportunities, it's where groundbreaking ideas meet transformative opportunities, shaping the future of entrepreneurship in India.

 📅 Day 1 Highlights:

✨ Showcasing cutting-edge innovations and entrepreneurial spirit from across the nation.
🌍 Welcoming global participants to witness revolutionary products and ideas.
🚀 Selected startups presenting their groundbreaking solutions.

🌟 Honored by the presence of:
🔹 Hon'ble Shri Mauvin Godinho, Minister of Industries, Panchayats and Transport, Goa.
🔹 Numerous other distinguished personalities and their teams.

Join us in celebrating the future of innovation and entrepreneurship! 💡✨

- Rajkumar sharma President of AiCRA
Prof. Hulas Pathak Head & CEO of IGKV
Mr. Sanjay Gajghate Joint Director, Directorate of Industries
Mrs. Chandraprabha Sonwani Joint Director, (Finance) Industries Directorate
Mrs. Vaishali Janardan Assistant Director, Directorate of Industries
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Kanwar Manager, CSIDC

Mr. Umesh Bansi, Founder and CEO, Orgalife Organic and Natural Products
Interacted with other celebrities and government officials and took pictures with everyone.

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